Post Press

Processing and refinements

After printing, the production chain is not finished yet.

Wether cutting, drilling, folding,
grooving, perforating, stapling, binding
gluing oder laminating -

Modern machines provide for the perfect finish.


Print Finishing

Various finishing options such as cellophaning, coating or embossing will give your print products their key refinements. Of course we always have an open ear for special requests.


Finishing and Assembly of your print products

No matter whether seminar documents, training briefcases, clinical study materials or loose-leaf collections – after printing we also arrange the finishing an assembling of these special print products.

You can also profit from our many years' experience:

  • Compilation of single products to an individual set
  • Assembling folders and briefcases with forms, CDs, postcards etc.
  • Personalization / Individualization of pictures an text documents
  • Printing and compilation of loose-sheet collections, reports, training documents

Packagings not only protect your print products during transport, they also provide for the important first impression with your recipients.

Whether loosely on pallets, individually packed in foil, as a full package in foil or also packed in cartons, rolled in band, bundled with strapping band or also enveloped: We always provide for the fact that your print products are arriving in good condition - and convincing your recipients immediately. 


Worldwide Shipment or storage at our premises – You have the choice.

Our logistics service takes care of all customs formalities through the entire shipping process. We work together with reliable, experienced logistics enterprises and press distributors. Thus we guarantee our customers a delivery in time directly in the mailboxes of their recipients.

World-wide direct shipping or storage at our premises - it's your choice. Here, we always agree the optimum delivery times and costs with you.